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Daniela Dias


Eurofins | Business Unit Manager





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A chemical engineer with a degree from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Daniela has spent 19 years working in the industrial sector, in a variety of areas including food, packaging and printing inks.
Right from the start of her professional experience, she had the opportunity to work with highly trained teams in process optimisation and project management. This was the catalyst for his training in business management, the MBA he took at Porto Business School and his certification as a Black Belt in Lean 6 Sigma.
Seven years ago he joined the Eurofins team as Production Manager and progressed to managing the Support Services Unit, which supports the Production Units, including the Continuous Improvement team. In this area, she has worked with her team on various projects in the Lean and automation areas.


Feel free to search for new and exciting opportunities. Connect with Daniela Dias oday.

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