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Helena Varela


Eurofins | Environmental Business Line Manager for Portugal


laboratory; sustainability; ecological solutions


Sustainability, Laboratory

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Helena Varela is a mother of two, wife and environmental engineer with over two decades of experience in the environmental and testing fields.
20 years ago, embracing the entrepreneurial spirit that is one of Eurofins' core values, Helena embarked on a journey within the Eurofins Scientific Group that has cemented her knowledge on laboratory industry, currently she is the Environmental Business Line Manager for Portugal.
Starting out by setting up an air monitoring company, from field work to company management, through to setting up the largest Asbestos Laboratory in Europe and having extended the laboratory's remit in the last year to other environmental areas from classical chemistry, inorganic and organic analysis in solid matrices, her experience spans several fields, from air pollution monitoring, asbestos testing and environment matrix analysis.
She recognizes the advantages of being an entrepreneur within a corporate structure, taking advantage of Eurofins' supportive environment to drive forward new ideas, projects and collaborations. This entrepreneurial mindset fosters creativity, agility and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that Eurofins remains at the forefront of the industry.
As a passionate advocate of sustainability and environmental responsibility, Helena is dedicated to advancing not only laboratory activity, but also aligning with the Group's strategy, technologies and ecological solutions, thriving on innovation and initiative within Environment Division in Portugal.


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