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Margarida Segard


ISQ | Director


skills, training trends, skills certification, high performance people


Digital, Sustainability

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Director of ISQ Academy -ISQ group (Training and Human Capital consultancy that delivers training solutions for 25.000 people/year) , responsible for tailor made training solutions for companies and for national macro level/cluster needs, such as 4.0 for industry, Green Skills, Energy, oil&gas, advanced manufacturing, process industry, electronics, automotive, transports, infrastructures and building, health and pharmaceutical, and aeronautics industries.

EVBB- She is Vice President and responsible for European Affairs – EVBB- European Association for Vocational, Education and Training Institutes, Germany and Brussels,
She is Expert and advisor in European Platform for VET Associations Vocational Education and Training

More than 25 years as Coordinator of International projects, European projects, Training products Design and Innovation: around 150 projects tailor made delivered in more than 35 countries worldwide, including and laboratories, industry and health and pharmaceutical.

Advisor and consultant in Innovative VET solutions and “skills for the future”, including Digital transformation 4.0 and Green transition (ESG, sustainability, environment)
Advisor in VET – vocational education and training -and skills at European Commission EU and OECD (upskilling and re-skilling) Member of High-level EU working group for Skills Agenda 2030, Working Group Green Transition, Working Group Adult Learning, Working Group Europass
Speaker and chairwomen at International and natio


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