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Maria Manuel Farinha


ISQ | Head Environmental Sustainability and Health&Safety Department





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Graduated from the Instituto Superior Técnico in Chemical Engineering in the Processes and Industry sector and later specialized in team leadership, environment, sustainability, quality and safety. Twenty-five years of experience, 5 years of which in research in the area of the environment, more specifically, in air quality/atmospheric pollution with several articles published in international scientific journals. Eighteen years in the consultancy field, 9 of which in team management and technical consultancy in the environment, sustainable development, security, risk management, management of project authorizations and licensing, and, in contact with the competent official entities, partners and customers. Greater concern/awareness regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues has led to the emergence of new challenges in managing teams and supporting our clients, whether in the development of new services or in strengthening and expanding the contact network. The permanent search for new knowledge and challenges is part of my DNA and they are what give me the strength and resilience for new strategies and new directions.


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