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Vanessa Mosca


Promptz Co-Founder | ChatGPT for HR Expert


humanresources, chatgpt, artificialintelligence, businesspartner, digital, transformation, hr5.0


Sustainability, Productivity, Laboratory, Digital

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Professor at Vantagem + Consultores e Formadores de Portugal Angola Moçambique, is also a speaker at international seminars and conferences, as well as a university lecturer. With more than 16 years of experience in large Brazilian and multinational companies, she has dedicated her work and research to the practical application of technology and 'humanization.' Today, she is considered one of the top international experts in digital transformation applied to Human Resources (HR) and Training.

In the last five years, Vanessa has exclusively dedicated herself to developing digital transformation projects in HR, empowering professionals in this field to adapt to the constantly evolving technological changes with a focus on increasing 'humanization' between people and digital technology.

One of Vanessa's main areas of research and analysis is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to HR, which, when properly utilized, will contribute to the automation of tasks, increased speed, and optimization of the many processes involved in the management and development of HR.

Meet the mind behind @vanessamosca.gpt on Instagram! As a profile manager, this professional is passionate about HR and technology, bringing content rich in information about digital transformation in the Human Resources sector to her followers.

With an innovative and creative vision, she has helped companies to improve their people management practices through the use of technology. In addition, his vast experience in HR is a great ally when it comes to presenting effective solutions to the sector's challenges.

If you are looking for a reference in HR and digital transformation, be sure to follow @vanessamosca.gpt and stay up to date with the main market trends!


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