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Vicente Catalan Cuenca


Vicente Catalan Lab Consulting | Director


Laboratorio, control de calidad, gestión de laboratorios, eficiencias, digitalización, desarrollo estratégico


Productivity, Laboratory, Digital

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Independent consultant in the testing laboratories field, accumulating over 28 years experience at SUEZ laboratories at Spain, the UK and China. Vicente possesses extensive technical knowledge and business management expertise. He collaborates with the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) as a technical assessor, participating in external audits of testing laboratories. Additionally, Vicente has made significant contributions to the academic field, serving as an associate professor at the University of Alicante, directing several doctoral theses, and being a member of the editorial board of various scientific journals. His primary areas of research activity are Legionella risk assessment, environmental viruses, rapid microbiological methods, proficiency tests, reference materials, wastewater based epidemiology (WBE) and laboratory efficiency. Member of the Board of Directors of two startups backed by SUEZ specialized in diagnostic technology within the agri-food and environmental sectors. His strategic vision for laboratories and his passion for research and innovation have guided his approach to developing disruptive strategies for the sector. He envisions the transformation of laboratories towards efficiency and predictive analytics as an essential path for the future. This vision is based on the implementation of real-time monitoring technologies and digitization, with the application of artificial intelligence to generate predictive information about quality.


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