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Xavier Ruiz


APPLUS+ | Managing Director, Product Conformity & System Certification




Laboratory, Sustainability, Digital

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As an engineer, my drive is to understand processes in-depth. As a Product Conformity and System
Certification Managing Director, I work to ensure that products are delivered to the marketplace with
the highest quality and safety standards.
For me, growth is never an event, it's an ongoing process. That’s why when it comes to accompanying
product development from their creation until their market phase, I go the extra mile to get an accurate
view of what’s already there, but most importantly of what can be improved.
I’ve ventured on both sides of the business, and have 28 years of experience working for Tier 1
companies like ABB and SONY in product management and innovation. I currently work at APPLUS+
Laboratories&Certification to ensure products are tested and certified to meet the highest standards.
One of the biggest lessons learned so far? The best way to get truly understand the needs of all key
industry players is to start at home, learning from your team. I keep my cross-functional teams' line of
communication open and empower everyone individually to feel like an essential asset to each project.
I’m also a proud father and husband and like to think that’s the role I've learned the most from.
Applus+ Laboratories has led me to expand my experience even further, restructuring companies,
applying new business strategies (commercial and marketing) and through partnership, merging and
acquisitions management.


Feel free to search for new and exciting opportunities. Connect with Xavier Ruiz today.

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