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Irene Rincón Suárez


Ambidata Group | Consultancy Unit Director


calidad, digital, personas, talento, éxito, productividad


Laboratory, Digital, Sustainability

Social Media


Born in an analogue world, where books were our main source of information and communication was more direct and personal. However, I have grown and evolved in the digital world we are experiencing nowadays. I have a degree in Biology, specialising in the digitisation of laboratory processes and quality management. I have worked for more than five years in various testing laboratories, covering areas ranging from microbiology to the quality department. This experience has given me a deep and practical knowledge of laboratory processes and the people working in the industry. By joining Ambidata® Group, I had the privilege of adapting to the current technological transformation. As team leader of the Ambidata® Spain consulting team, together with my team, we drive digitalisation in the laboratory and quality sector. This role has given me the opportunity to witness how technology can revolutionise and optimise our processes, while maintaining our human essence, which is fundamental to the sector.


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