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Jorge Estrela


IEP | Technical Coordination of Acoustics and Vibrations Area


working practices; acoustics; vibrations



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Jorge Estrela, a specialist in Acoustics and Vibrations, has vast technical experience and a remarkable professional career.
Since February 2019, he has been responsible for the technical coordination of IEP's Acoustics and Vibrations area, taking on crucial responsibilities in coordinating, guiding and developing new working practices.
She provides training at IEP in the central themes that are intrinsically linked to the Acoustics and Vibrations area: Occupational Noise and Vibrations in the Human Body.
We would also highlight his commitment to professional development, evidenced by an extensive list of certifications in areas such as acoustics, vibrations, safety and technical standards, and emphasising his comprehensive vision of best practices in the field of acoustics and vibrations.


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