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Lara Kämmerer


d-fine GmbH | Expert for sustainability metrics and digitization


Sustainability Metrics, Digital Transformation, Green Chemistry, IIoT, Digital R&D


Sustainability, Productivity, Laboratory, Digital

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Lara Kämmerer is Manager for Chemical Industry Services at the European consultancy d-fine. With a background in biochemistry, she combines her practical lab experience with industry knowledge and technological expertise to support her clients in the development and implementation of future-proof solutions, spanning from R&D to production.

Typical d-fine projects related to data and analytics deal with analysis of data processing routines, digital maturity assessment, conception and implementation of tailored IoT pipelines, real-time data analysis and establishment of equipment connectivity.

In the field of sustainability, Lara Kämmerer supports clients in quantifying carbon footprints and circularity indicators, formulating tangible sustainability targets and strategies, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Hence, helping companies to establish a data-driven foundation to integrate sustainability considerations into vital business decisions.


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