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Sinisa Prugovecki


LorisQ One d.o.o. | CEO


Laboratory, EquipmentManagement, DigitalTransformation


Productivity, Laboratory, Digital

Social Media


Born on World Metrology Day, exactly 101 years after the signing of the Metre Convention. For a while, he tried to dodge its destiny by graduating in Astrophysics on the University of Zagreb in 2001, but after his brief scientific career in that field, he ended up in metrology (naturally). In 2008 he founded his first startup – Metroteka lab, which quickly grew to become a local leader in ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration, and
roughly 10 years later he started his second one, which is of course – LorisQ.
He is also the president of Croatian Metrology Society and a member of IMEKO TC6 (Digitalization).


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