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Paolo Moscatti


EUROLAB Aisbl | President


Laboratory, Conformity Assessment Body, Personnel Certification



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I am currently president of ALPI (EUROLAB-I) and president of EUROLAB Aisbl , the European Federation of National Associations of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.
I'm an entrepreneur. My company, TEC Eurolab, deals with laboratory analysis and testing of materials and components (ISO 17025:2018). TEC Eurolab is also ISO 9100:2018 certified and NADCAP accredited for the provision of laboratory services for the aviation, aerospace and defense industries. It is also a Personnel Certification Body (ISO 17024:2012). The peculiarity of my activity in the company has always been to act as a "pioneer" in innovation, leaving, as soon as possible, the management and development of the sector to new colleagues with greater skills and the task of focusing on the specific objective. From 1998 to 2013 we also had a calibration center that I managed personally, as usual, for a short period. For over twenty years I have been actively collaborating with the associative world: I have always supported the idea of the usefulness of associations in addressing common themes in laboratories and in enhancing their activities on the market and stakeholders in general. I am also a member of the Accredia board of directors. All these representative positions are elective and will expire in the coming months.


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