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Patrícia Silva


Solutions & Consulting Director | Ambidata Group


laboratory; digital; lims; Wine; Water; Forensics; Health; Pharmaceuticals


Laboratory, Digital

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I graduated in Environmental Engineering and have been working with technological solutions for laboratories for 10 years.
During my career at Ambidata, I focused on implementing LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) solutions in various laboratory areas, such as Wine, Water, Forensics, Health and Pharmaceuticals. This experience allowed me to develop solid skills in project management, LIMS solutions, communication and to acquire a vast technical and technological knowledge. Keeping a close eye on technological developments, including artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), has been key to helping laboratories become more productive and efficient.

I am currently Director of the ASC (Ambidata Solutions & Consulting) team at Ambidata. In this challenging role, I lead and coordinate the management of our company's implementation projects, currently also dedicated to integrating advanced technologies such as AI and AR to boost laboratory productivity. My passion for keeping up with technological developments allows me to offer innovative solutions that optimize laboratory processes and improve operational efficiency.


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