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Paulo Rego


Ambidata, Lda | CEO


LIMS, Digitalization, ELN, Productivity


Digital, Productivity

Social Media


With a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Paulo Rego is currently the CEO of Ambidata - Digital Innovation Solutions & Consulting.

Ambidata has been developing LIMS (Laboratory information management system) & QMS (Quality management system) software for multiple areas for the past two decades, having more than 250 clients, 23.000 users in 7 different countries.

Paulo has more than 20 years of professional experience in the LIMS and QMS digitalization processes in Labs, cariyng out the user requirements specification and the implementation of LIMS & QMS software in dozens of different types of laboratories.

Has a great knowledge of the regulatory and standard requirements applied to organizations and the process of digitalization / digital transformation and it´s impact in the productivity of laboratories.


Feel free to search for new and exciting opportunities. Connect with Paulo Rego today.

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