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Susana Rodrigues


Inventa | Patent Consultant


Laboratory, innovation, patents



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Susana Rodrigues is an esteemed Patent Consultant and Engineer, recognized for her extensive experience in intellectual property and technical sciences. Her current position as a Patent Consultant at Inventa has seen her excel in providing strategic patenting advice and solutions, ensuring effective legal protection for innovative creations. Beginning her career in patent consultation and translation in 2015, she has displayed her expertise across multiple technical and scientific domains. Her role in managing complex patent documentation has highlighted her depth of knowledge and versatility. As a trainer, auditor, and consultant, Susana has significantly contributed to numerous laboratories, many accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025, covering fields from construction materials to metrology. Her role emphasizes her adaptability and broad skill set. Before Inventa, she was Technical Manager at Janz-Contadores de energia, SA (2003-2016), and a Project Coordinator at ISQ-Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (1994-2003), managing research and training in high-energy beam technologies. Susana graduated from Universidade Nova de Lisboa with a Master's in Physical Engineering (2011) and a Bachelor's in Physical and Materials Engineering (1992). An active member of the Ordem dos Engenheiros, she serves in the Electrotechnics College (2022-2025). Her extensive career and academic background make her a key asset in intellectual property and engineering.


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